We are now INSHAPE  

It's official!     Indiana AHPERD is now Indiana SHAPE (INSHAPE) - the Indiana Society for Health and Physical Educators.

A professional education association for teachers, administrators, researchers, coaches, college students and other professionals who are dedicated to the promotion of quality health, physical education, sport, dance, and fitness in public and private schools, colleges and universities, and community agencies throughout Indiana.

State Affiliate of SHAPE America

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Call for Proposals

Now accepting presentation proposals for the 2018 State Conference scheduled for November.

Hoosier Teachers on the National Stage

Three INSHAPE teachers are among 29 national teacher of the year candidates.

Healthy Schools Toolkit

In partnership with school health experts from around the state, Indiana State Department of Health has released the 2018 Indiana Healthy Schools Toolkit.

Award Nominations 2018

Nominate an outstanding teacher, educational leader, aspiring young professional, or other deserving individual.

Big Ten Basketball for Free

ISC would love to host your group for FREE! This offer is open to youth in grades 8 and below plus a chaperone over the age of 18.

PYFP Grant Opportunity

Apply for a part of this $10M grant opportunity for the fast track to a "fit" school

AFHK Grants

Now accepting grant applications for the 2018-2019 school year. Schools may apply for School Breakfast grants or Game On grants to fund physical activity and nutrition initiatives.

Kids Count

The Indiana Youth Institute's 2018 Indiana KIDS COUNT Data Book is designed to be your go-to resource for national, state and local trends in child well-being.

SHAPE Podcasts

Listen to innovative educators and experts discuss best practices, new tools, and self-care strategies. Learn how other advocate, innovate, and motivate.

Free Online PD

Learn more about the School Health Index (SHI) and how to conduct a school assessment.

LIDS Foundation Grant

Our interactive heart-fact quiz calendar infuses movement into learning! Try it at the beginning of class as a warm-up or as an engaging activity to close out class!

Conference Grants

IYI’s Professional Development Grants (max: $750) may be used for conferences, trainings, or workshops that focus on nonprofit management or healthy youth development.


Kayla Negley, McCordsville Elementary School
"I started attending the state conference as a college student. The professional development opportunities are priceless."

Dan Tennessen, Avondale Meadows Academy
"There has never been a more exciting time for our profession now that health / physical education is part of a well-rounded education."

Kim Duchane, Manchester University
"After moving to Indiana to teach students, I needed to get involved with a group of professional health and physical educators. Indiana AHPERD was the right choice to support my professional development! I know INSHAPE will continue this legacy!"

Cassie Brooks, Brownsburg Middle School
"Getting involved has allowed me to meet so many amazing educators in Indiana. It's energizing to share our ideas, resources, and lessons with each other. I know I'm improving instruction for my students, and across the state as well."

Rich Frey, Lakeland High School
"Having a professional organization dedicated solely to our field is an invaluable asset. The opportunities for collaboration/professional development are endless when you make the effort to become involved and learn from/share with your fellow educators. Get IN SHAPE Indiana!"

Carole DeHaven, Purdue University
"I am INSHAPE because I believe in quality and staying current with best practices and innovative teaching. INShape allows me to learn from so many empowering, energetic professionals and in turn create friendship's for a lifetime."

Lisa Pawlik, Penn High School
"I love Physical Education and Health - I always was a teacher first coach second. It is so regenerating to be around professionals to guide our passion of wellness. Great ideas, support, mentoring, and networking the right way."

Kyle Yoder, Danville North Elementary
"I’m INSHAPE so I can be involved with the best health professionals in the nation and to help strengthen my teaching skills and knowledge by collaborating with other professionals In health and Physical Education!"

Andrea Bornino, Glen Acres & Vinton Elementary School
"I'm INSHAPE to network with fellow educators and learn new physical literacy activities that will engage my students."

Maria Hallman, DeKalb High School
"I am INSHAPE to stay active in my field, receive professional development and network with the top INSHAPE professionals in our state. All of these experiences allow me to the best teacher for my students."

Amy Oliver, I.U.P.U.I.
"I am INSHAPE because of the educational tools, innovative resources, and networking possibilities. The importance of high quality health and physical education for children throughout the nation is vital to improving the health and wellness of individuals in adulthood."

Andrew Eberline, Ball State University
"We teach our students that education never ends – we need to be lifelong learners. Being INSHAPE is a great opportunity to continue our growth for both professional and future health and physical educators."

Jenny Berju, Creekside Middle School
"I’m INSHAPE because I want to be part of an organization that promotes healthy habits and lifelong fitness to our kids. I have been able to meet and network with amazing professionals and teachers, gain knowledge about best practices and make new friends!"

Diane Hearn, Seeger Memorial HS
"Being involved with INSHAPE provides me with the tools to move towards innovated technology ideas while networking with the State’s top professionals. Plus, it’s just downright fun!"

Matt Barker, Heritage Christian Schools
"I enjoy being a part of INSHAPE because it allows me to be able to gather all the best practices from some of the states best teachers and utilize those lessons into my own classroom."

Deb Torrance, Stonegate Elementary School
"I am INShape to be inspired by, learn from, and share with other passionate professionals on a common mission to make a difference in the lives of children by educating and empowering them to live active, strong, and healthy lifestyles."

Rachel Swinford, IUPUI
"I am INSHAPE to stay connected with others and learn about best practices in the fields of health, physical education, recreation, and dance. It is great to be part of the INSHAPE family!"

Chris Berg, Lafayette Sunnyside
"Being INSHAPE is an opportunity to create something together that is meaningful and powerful. I am INSHAPE to inspire, connect, and build a culture of learning amongst our community of physical and health educators."

Alyssa Jackson, Eagle Elementary
"Being involved with INShape gives people in our profession opportunities, networking and experiences you otherwise would not have, as well as a chance to grow and put yourself out there as a professional."

Lindsay Carl, Franklin Central High School
"I am involved in INSHAPE because it allows me to connect with and learn from others who are as passionate as I am about PE and its place in every student's life."