Leadership Award

The Leadership Award provides the means through which INSHAPE recognizes an individual who has demonstrated significant leadership in terms of program development in health, physical education, recreation, dance (HP ERD), and/or allied areas, and whose contributions reflect prestige, honor, and dignity to the Association.


Any INSHAPE professional who meets the eligibility requirements and exemplifies the criteria below may be nominated for this award.

  1. Current member in INSHAPE.
  2. Preparation in one or more areas of professional concern of the Association, and
  3. Minimum of ten years professional experience in HPERD and/or allied areas.

Award Criteria:

The applicant must be an individual who:

  1. Is an active member of the Association and highly regarded by his/her professional peers,
  2. Has served professionally in school, community, and/or college/university programs, and
  3. Exemplifies the spirit of devoted service to the profession and who has by his/her leadership made significant advances to health, physical education, recreation, dance, and allied areas in the state. The following are some illustrations of professional leadership. It is not expected that the nominee will have contributed in all illustrated areas:
    a. Member of the Board or Directors of the INSHAPE,
    b. Chair of a committee of the Association,
    c. Distinctive leadership while holding office in the Association,
    d. Outstanding service with the Association or with an organization promoting the same general objectives as the Association over a period of years, and/or e. Significant contribution through leadership outside the normal framework of the Association (i.e., general education, public health, government, etc.) that reflects favorable on our profession.

Complete online application by April 1, 2018     Apply

Application requires one (1) letter of recommendation from applicant's principal or colleague. The letter should be directly related to the award criteria.

Selection and Recognition Process:

  1. The Awards Committee will select one award recipient from the pool of qualified applicants.
  2. Applicants will be notified by June 1.
  3. The award will be presented at the State Conference in November.
  4. Award recipient is expected to present a session at the State Conference the following year.

Previous Award Recipents

Year Name
2017David Anspaugh
2016Lisa Hicks
2015Lisa Ford
2014Keith Buetow
2013Guoyuan Huang
2011Renee Frimming
2008Guoyun Huang
2007Kim Duchane
2006Carole DeHaven
2005Paul Gray
2004Mike Fratzke
2003Cathy Huntsinger
2003Betty Haven
2002Lana Groombridge
2001Sally Hope
2000Patty Marcum
1998Marilyn Buck
1997Arlene Ignico
1996Tom Sawyer
1996Norma Jean Johnson
1995Gwen Robbins
1994Barbara Passmore
1993Doreen St. Clair
1992Barbara Ettl
1990Ron Davis
1989Sharon Burgess
1988Jim Arvin
1987Onita Johnson
1986Jennifer Jones
1985Marge Albohm
1984Nancy Norris
1983Willie Grissom
1982Leroy Getchell
1981Randall Grove
1980John Raabe
1979David Gallahue
1978Nikki Assmann
1977Jae Park
1976Charles Baer
1975Anthony Annarino
1974Elinore St. John
1973Judy Campbell
1972Donald Mosher
1971Emma Jane Gardner
1970Walter Grey
1969John Cooper
1968Karl Bookwalter
1967Clarence Biedenweg
1966Richard Tiernan
1965Bernard Loft
1964Donald Ludwig
1963William Wilson
1962Koegh Rash
1961Anita Aldridge
1960Warren Schaller

For more information, contact:

Lisa Ford
Franklin Central High School