Fitness/Sports Council


INSHAPE fitness and sport council will recognize and be dedicated to their community member’s needs in the areas of fitness and sport. The Council will seek to develop and implement programs and services, which will enhance the status of fitness and sport programs in community’s and schools in Indiana. INSHAPE will strive to exceed the expatiations of those it serves, maintain standards, and permute a rewarding environment.


The mission of INSHAPE fitness and sport council is to develop and promote Fitness and sport programs in Indiana. Our primary goal is the continuing education for the members of INSHAPE. We will do this by providing services with the highest-quality and training available, for our clients. This will allow community leaders and physical educators the ability provide productive, safe and modern fitness and sport programs. We want our members to have every opportunity possible to educate others around them. It is our hope that all educators continuously strive to improve personally to help ensure a better future for our next generations in the areas of fitness and sport.


  1. Our primary goal is the continuing education for the members of INSHAPE.
  2. To educate members on fitness programs they can use in their programs.
  3. To bring fitness and sport programs together.
  4. To provide sport and fitness education.
  5. To offer the individual a variety of opportunities for pursuit and personal development to provide an education in fitness and sport programs which will enable the individual to adapt to our ever changing profession.
  6. To offer activities that will enable the student to expand fitness levels in order to meet the demands of modern living.
  7. To afford the opportunity for further social development in sport and fitness.
  8. Determine the top needs of professionals in the Council's area of expertise.
  9. Develop an annual professional development plan.
  10. Plan programming for the state conference. Solicit presenters and ensure presentation proposals are submitted on time.
  11. Plan and implement professional development opportunities outside of the state conference as appropriate.
  12. Contribute articles for publication in Association communications.
  13. Maintain a current and robust set of professional development resources on the Council's dedicated page on the Association's web site.
  14. Nominate a slate of award candidates in the Council's area of expertise.



Committee Members

Name Twitter Handle Organization Role (term ends)
Eric KlostermanBall State UniversityChair   (11/2018)
Adam HaviceCarmel High SchoolMember   (11/2017)
Molly CrawnLost Creek ElementaryMember   (11/2017)
Kayla Negley@kmnegleyGreenwood High SchoolMember   (11/2017)
Donna HazelettSouthwest Allen County SchoolsMember   (11/2017)
Gary LemkeInteractive PESponsor   (11/2018)
For more information, contact:     Eric Klosterman