Free Professional Memberships Available

Indiana teachers who participate in Jump Rope for Heart (JRFH) or Hoops for Heart (HFH) raising at least $1000 receive a complimentary one-year membership.
Raise $2,000 for JRFH/HFH and receive a free SHAPE America Membership.
JRFH/HFH coordinators are eligible to request funding for projects designed to enhance health, physical education, recreation, and/or dance within the school and/or community (Incentive Grants).

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Membership Details

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  • Student Membership: Open to full-time undergraduate or graduate students who are preparing for a career in the fields of health, physical education, recreation or dance, and who are not employed on a full-time basis in the profession. Members in this category may not exceed a total of six (6) years. (Twelve month membership)
  • Professional Membership : Any person who is employed as a professional with responsibilities, duties and interests in school or community health, physical education, recreation, dance, sports or related areas, and who resides or works within the State of Indiana. (Twelve month membership)
  • Life Membership: For individuals who purchased a lifetime membership with a one-time investment of funds.
  • Emeritus Membership: Persons who have a record of Association membership for 10 years or more and meet the rule of 85 (minimum 55 years of age plus years of service in the profession). Emeritus members pay no conference fees.