April 2018
Indiana Society for Health and Physical Educators

National Physical Education and Sport Week

May 1-7, 2018 - Mark Your Calendar!

Every day, our members do all they can to prepare students to live their best life. They are the leaders, go-getters and everyday heroes whose exceptional feats inspire others to give their all. To these teachers, we say thank you for your professional dedication, your commitment to the health and well-being of our nation’s students, and for your support of INSHAPE. We look forward to serving you for years to come.
National PE & Sport Week, held annually from May 1-7, celebrates and shares the value of effective physical education and sport programs in schools around the nation. This year, we especially express gratitude to exceptional stars who are accomplishing "Big Feats" with their work — and leaving their mark on health education, physical education and sport.

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Finding My Spark

INSHAPE Inspired This Teacher

When Lizz Ulrich looks back on her journey, a few words come to my mind: spark, why, and nudge. She felt the spark fading. She turned to INSHAPE for ways to reignite the spark. On her journey she was "blown away" by local and national SHAPE experiences.

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Keeping Students Safe

in PE During Critical Incidents

Although there are procedures in place for the classroom teacher and school personnel inside the building, there is nothing written implicitly for the physical education teacher. Based on this void, here are some guidance points for consideration.

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Concussions in Schools

What PE Teachers Should Know

Concussions can occur in any type of physical activity program, including physical education, extracurricular activity programs, recess, intramural sport, interscholastic sport, and community-based sport and physical activity programs.

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Activity of the Month

Alligator - Moose - Elephant

This month, the Elementary PE council has a fun activity that requires no equipment. Organize your students in a circle and let the fun begin.

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Students Run the Halls

Get Fit Program

Second and third graders at Middlebury Elementary School in Goshen run through the hallways as a part of the school's Run the Halls program. Student receive a popsicle stick after each completed lap. Four laps equals a mile.

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Physical Activity Advocate

Youth PA Coordinator

The Youth Physical Activity Coordinator (ISDH/DNPA) is responsible for the educational opportunities provided to professionals that promote physical activity in schools, before and after school settings, community settings, and early child care facilities.

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