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Indiana's ESSA Plan . . . and YOU!


Dear Professional Colleague:
Last week, you received an email with an overview of what Indiana's ESSA plan means for health and physical education. The Indiana Department of Education is currently asking for comment before the plan goes to the Governor's desk (August) and then to Washington D.C. (September).

Public comment period ends July 20, 2017
If you don't speak up for health and physical education, who will?

You may be asking, "what can I do?"
I am asking all teachers, parents, administrators, health professionals and others interested in student health and well-being to Get IN. Specifically, Get INvolved by speaking up and letting your voice be heard.
Send an email to the Indiana Department of Education with these key messages:

  1. Affirmation (#ActiveStudentsSucceed):     We applaud the strong language supportive of health and wellness efforts in schools. The language shows a high-level of understanding that physical activity, nutrition, social/emotional health, and mental health positively impact a student's ability to learn and be successful.
  2. Title IV, Part A Funding (#WellRoundedEducation):   Federal ESSA guidelines were designed to support any evidence-based interventions that address a school's assessments under the definition of a "well-rounded education." That includes health and physical education. Therefore, we ask Indiana to expand the definition of fundable projects under Title IV Part A (page 105) to include all activities that fall under the definition of a "well-rounded education."
  3. Opportunity (#HealthyStudentsSucceed):     The state is required to add non-academic accountability measures in their ESSA plan. Indiana has chosen School Climate and Culture which, at this time, remains undefined. We encourage the state to use this measure to assess aspects that point towards changing the health and well-being of their students.

Get INvested - It's Your Move

Please express your support for health and physical education. You can use the Indiana AHPERD template to email the Dept of Ed policy director or you can visit the Indiana ESSA web site to complete an online survey.
We know advocating for quality health and physical education is a sustained effort. Please contact me if you are interested in being involved in the association's on-going advocacy efforts.

P.S. Last chance to get your Indianapolis Indians tickets (deadline: July 17th). I hope to see you in Indy!
Heidi Stan,
INAHPERD President

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