February 2019
Indiana Society for Health and Physical Educators


It only takes 60 seconds

Dear colleague:
My name is Cassie Brooks. I am a health and physical education teacher at Brownsburg West Middle School. I am writing today because I have good news to share with you. I also have a request. Don't worry, it's easy and can be done in under 60 seconds.
First, the good news. A bill has been introduced at the Indiana state legislature. HB 1442 requires each school to conduct at least 30 minutes of physical education each day for students in kindergarten through grade 5. The bill is still in committee. It has a long way to go before becoming law. That is where you come in.
Please support the bill by sending two letters of support. INSHAPE has done all the hard work already at our Legislative Action Center.
TAKE ACTION ONE: Encourage the Indiana house education committee to schedule a hearing for House Bill 1442. You can use the standard letter or create your own.
TAKE ACTION TWO: Send a letter of support to your state senator and representative. We have already identified your legislators for you.
Extra Credit: Use social media to encourage others to SPEAK Out! Anyone - parents, colleagues, neighbors, etc. - can use the INSHAPE Legislative Action Center.
SPEAK Out! today. If you don't, who will?

Cassie Brooks
INSHAPE Advocacy Chair
2017 INSHAPE Health Teacher of the Year
2018 SHAPE America Midwest Health Teacher of the Year.

    SPEAK Out! in less than 60 seconds    

Sample Letter

Dear Representative
I am a constituent in your district writing in support of H.B. 1442 which requires schools to provide 30 minutes of daily physical education (PE) to Indiana students in kindergarten through 5th grade.
Before I share my reasons, I urge you to suspend thoughts you might have about "old PE" and consider the benefits of "new PE." New PE is formed by evidence-based recommendations from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, SHAPE America, among other respected entities.
"New PE" is part of the foundation for the development of the whole child - mental, emotional, and physical. It is standards-based education dedicated to physical literacy by developing knowledge, skills, and confidence so Indiana kids enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity. It is not recess nor sports. Both serve important developmental roles but neither are suitable replacements for quality physical education.
"New physical education" is outcome based. That means we know:
  1. Move more, learn more: There is a positive relationship between physical education and academic achievement.
  2. Fertilizer for the brain: There is a positive association with attention, concentration, and on-task behavior.
  3. Happier learners: May reduce anxiety and depression.
  4. 4. Emotional regulation: May reduce discipline referrals and decrease high-risk behaviors.
  5. Social: Teaches strategies for cooperation, interpersonal communication, and coping with frustration.
  6. Lasting impact: Encourages lifetime healthy habits that are important to college and career readiness.
I am a teacher and I support quality physical education. On behalf of Indiana students, please support H.B. 1442 (no fiscal impact).

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