Dear INSHAPE Community,
Educators in Indiana schools and communities are hurting from the health and human events that have occurred over the last days and months. We are heartbroken over the senseless killing of George Floyd and other recent events in our country. As our Hoosier State and nation erupts in anger and frustration, we condemn and do not tolerate racism or violence in any form. We value diversity and empowerment for all people, celebrate the beauty of different origins and backgrounds, and acknowledge the pain that many people feel from centuries of discrimination.
One of INSHAPE’s greatest strengths is our sense of compassion within our community. As educators, we are committed to teaching best practices to our students while creating an environment that promotes diversity and equality. We have the power to create more harmony in our schools, community, and world by understanding those around us and being a positive force for good in our daily actions.
~ Carole DeHaven, INSHAPE President.
P.S. I invite you to add your voice to the conversation.
  • What resources have you found helpful when learning about racism/how to educate about racism in your teachings?
  • What equity checklists or audits are you aware of to guide curriculum/classroom topics, protocols, practice?
  • Are you interested in further engaging with INSHAPE around the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

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