Introducing New 2020 INSHAPE Schools

The following Indiana schools were recently recognized as INSHAPE SCHOOLS for the 2020-2021 school year: INSHAPE SCHOOLS succeed by emphasizing student health to improve academic achievement and by promoting a culture/climate of wellness (source: CDC's Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child). The program helps schools promote the power of the Whole Child to staff, students, families, and communities. School principals use the distinction to communicate their commitment to student well-being and academic achievement.

INSHAPE schools receive a packet of resources, a school banner, and press announcement.
Benefits include 1) new and updated resources for social-emotional learning, e-Learning, distance learning, and advocacy, 2) educator resources for standards-based health and physical education, 3) full INSHAPE member benefits for a lead administrator (principal) and a lead health/physical educator, 4) free and discounted professional growth opportunities including the INSHAPE annual state conference, 5) collaboration opportunities and best practice sharing with other INSHAPE SCHOOLS and 6) an INSHAPE SCHOOL banner.
More schools will be announced later this semester. Does your school qualify as an INSHAPE school? All Indiana K-12 schools committed to the INSHAPE SCHOOL pledge (below) qualify.

All health and physical educators are encouraged to discuss the benefits of becoming an INSHAPE SCHOOL with their building supervisor. The cost of the annual program is $29 for current INSHAPE members ($79 for non-members). Sign up during October to receive resources and your school banner during the fall semester.

A C T I V E   S T A R T

Physical Activity Guidelines for Children From Birth to Age 5

The 2020 guidelines answer questions about kinds of physical activity, activity environment, and the people responsible for facilitating physical activity for children from birth to age 5.

Download the e-book (free for SHAPE America members)

H E A L T H   L I T E R A C Y _____________________________________

Health Literacy Month!

October is a time to recognize the importance of making health information easy to understand and the health care system easier to navigate.

Learn More about Health Literacy

The health. moves. minds.® program brings the lessons, activities, and community-building ideas that can help kids live their best lives. Inspire healthy habits, fuel active minds, and teach kids to thrive physically and emotionally with this new service-learning program.
F R E E   A C C E S S   A R T I C L E

Focusing School Wellness Beyond Physical Education

Integrating whole-school programs can be a daunting task. Authors share tips from physical activity leaders at three schools who found that combining resources is a way to manage this task.

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